ftt-approved-logo-rgb-png-aug-2016ElementZ Travel is a member of FAIR TRADE TOURISM.

ElementZ Travel was born out of its founder’s, Sandor Weyers, love for nature and wildlife and his deep interest in conservation. One of our philosophies at ElementZ Travel is “Respect and Protect”. We respect local customs, cultures and communities and strive to support and protect local ecosystems. Our travel experts are dedicated to making a difference in the world through ecotourism and wildlife conservation efforts.Sandor grew up and was educated in South Africa and quickly learnt of the abundant splendors his continent had to offer. After a long, successful career in financial services he eventually decided to find his true calling. Sandor left the industry to dedicate his life to educating people on the importance of wildlife conservation and providing the chance for others to see what he had seen by establishing ElementZ Travel.

Natural beauty like Africa’s is not often seen, especially when caught up in the hustle and bustle of urban life. That’s why we, here at ElementZ Travel, take great care to provide the utmost in ecotourism, taking you to the wild while protecting and conserving it. Every corner of Africa is unique in terms of heritage, art, culture, flora and fauna and is not a continent that can be explored on a single trip.

Each client is unique and we believe each travel experience should be unique too. We spend a lot of time before trip design begins getting to know each of our clients personally to ensure your trip is tailor-made to your interests. Sometimes small things can make or break a travel experience and we pay a lot of attention to the finer details.

We have an African heritage but an Asian identity. We specialise in Africa as a destination, are familiar with all the products we offer and have well established relationships across the continent. ElementZ Travel is based in Hong Kong, the owner has been living in Asia for the past ten years, our staff are locals and we are familiar with Asian customs, likes and interests.

We manage our business fairly, transpartently and sustainably. We have fair supplier relationships. We are transpartent with our customers. We actively support fair trade tourism.

“We’d like to thank the people at ElementZ Travel for helping us to realise a trip of a lifetime.
ElementZ hit the ground running with our enquiry; meeting me personally on a public holiday to touch base on what our expectations were. They succeeded in more than meeting our brief by putting together a great and varied itinerary which gave us a flavor of the Kalahari desert and the Okavango delta both flood plains and Savannah. We were given great inside information on what each of the camps would offer both in wildlife sightings and camp comfort.”

Shauna Alexander
Hong Kong
Stephanie Alexander
N. Ireland

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