The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is the first park to be established in Africa that crosses two borders. Interlinking South Africa and Botswana, the park is a wonder shared by the people of these two countries, and is certainly unlike anywhere in Africa.

Though the rain periods are few and far between, the dry sands capture any moisture that forms on its surface, tunneling it underground and feeding the root systems of the scattered trees, bush and hard grasses.

The wildlife here is built for durability. They face boiling days and freezing nights, an extremely sparse water supply and very little prospects of a next meal. Yet they live on, and sprawl across the kilometers of desert, persevering against all odds.

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Due to the extremely low human population, the area is fully accessible by 4×4 for an unforgettable safari experience. The accommodation consists of three separate tour lodges, each fully catered with luxurious hospitality. The lodges are complete with air conditioning, shopping stores and swimming pools.

The Park also contains a number of wilderness camps where you can get up close with nature. The park is a top class game viewing destination, with predators such as the Kalahari Lion and herbivores ranging from the blue wildebeest to springbok and red hartebeest.

Get lost in the silent wonders of a desert safari, fall asleep under a sea of endless stars. Explore what the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park has to offer.