Camp Linyanti was created for those who are aching for the real african experience. Instead of overcrowded tour busses and overpriced boutique stores, there are traditional safaris through the thriving ecosystem with only you, your closest friends or family and a highly qualified guide.

Private parks such as Linyanti have one benefit unmatched by more commercial parks, and that would be its limited accommodation. The rustic, homely design of the camp is only suited for a max capacity of ten people. This maximises personal experience and minimize the chances of damaging the pristine habitats.
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Linyanti offers a raw and untamed safari experience. As it is situated in the Linyanti marshlands, it is a water wonderland. Get the ultimate in bird and wildlife viewing as you cruise down the lagoon in the camps luxury swamp cruiser.

The coasts are lined with riverine forests and huge overhanging trees and are filled with an array of indigenous wildlife. from an enormous bird population to large herds of buffalo, elephants and zebra.

It is also host to a large number of wild dogs, and cheetahs are a rare sighting, but still maintain a strong population in the park, despite their endangered status.

Camp Linyanti is for those who want nothing but to escape into the wild. To melt into utter tranquility along with the African sun.