Registered as a non-profit charity organisation, and with a main focus on conservation and education, this reserve is all about nature and taking care of it.

It is home to numerous varieties of indigenous African game, bird and reptile species, some of which are rare and vulnerable to the threat of extinction.
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The park focuses on the education of young kids all around Botswana, some of which are underprivileged. These children tour the area and learn all about the fauna and flora of their country, and why the conserving of these natural wonders are important.

Though it is a charitable organization and a conservation area, this majestic slice of Africa is open to the public, and all profit from paid activities and accommodations go towards enlarging the protection of Botswana’s natural environment and educating the country’s children on the matter.

The Bush Braais at Mokolodi are an opportunity to enjoy the best game viewing the Reserve has to offer and a sumptuous spread of local specialities. The self catering lodges are located mere meters from a local watering hole, allowing you to relax and watch some of the rarest animals on earth have their evening drink.

The Park boast a huge selection of wildlife, such as southern white rhino, South African cheetah, South African giraffe, African bush elephants, kudu, impala, African leopard and so many more. You can take a personal drive around the park. Other activities include night tours, reptile parks and rhino sanctuaries. This is a paradise that has fought to be kept that way. It is a place well worth exploring.