When the people stand united , nothing is impossible. This is how the Moremi Game Park came into being. To put a stop to the destruction of their flora and fauna, the people of Botswana aimed to enclose an area in order to conserve the wonders of their land. The area was named after King Moremi the third, who ruled over Botswana during the creation of the park.
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For a reasonably small reserve it is incredibly diverse, with ancient mopane woodlands and acacia forests, floodplains and lagoons.

You can expect to experience excellent views of Savannah game, as well as bird-watching on the water.

Deltas are natural formations where mineral-rich deposits are brought to the shallow edge of a river mouth. All these nutrients cause the surrounding eco-system to become lush and abundant in wildlife. The Okavango Delta is no exception to these conditions, boasting over 500 species of bird, and a vast array of indigenous wildlife.

In 2008, the Moremi Game Park was voted as the best in Africa out of the vast amount of prime African safaris and wildlife destinations. Visiting this area you will quickly understand why it gained so much attention. The views are awe-inspiring.