When planning for an ultimate escape, there is an unwritten list of experiences and thrills that every true adventurer has in mind. There are few places that accommodate all of them. The Okavango Delta is definitely one of these places.

The Delta is one of the Natural Wonders of Africa, and a National Heritage Site. The Delta is a permanent life giving waterway, with thousands of birds and mammals flocking to its shores during the winter months. Numerous species of reptile live in and amongst the waters. The minerals brought down by the river are deposited in the Delta, causing the land to flourish.
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The best time to visit would be as winter begins in around May- June when the animals head to the Delta for food and water.

The accommodations are perfectly suited for the environment, and selected depending on the reason behind your stay. Honeymooners can expect private residences only accessible by flying, families can expect a wide variety of activities and homely lodges, while lone adventurers can find the peaceful seclusion they’re after.

Learn about indigenous cultures from the mouths of the locals. Hot air balloon over a herd of grazing Zebra and buffalo. Take a river tours in locally handcrafted canoes. The list goes on, and so does the the area in which to explore.

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Lying in the middle of the largest expanse of sand on earth the Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s most amazing, sensitive and complex environments supporting a spectacle of wilderness and wildlife. This itinerary visits 3 distinctive areas in the delta that showcase the most amazing wildlife to visitors.

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10 Days
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Destinations: Botswana, Okavango
Set off on a colonial-style grand railway journey from the elegant capital of Pretoria to the thundering waters of the spectacular Victoria Falls. Discover magnificent wildlife and breathtaking landscapes as you safari through Botswana, and indulge in a Kalahari safari where you can sleep beneath open skies and gaze in wonder at some of Africa’s brightest stars. Enjoy the ultimate in private luxury accommodation throughout, with dedicated service and an array of enticing activities that are guaranteed to make your romantic holiday simply unforgettable.

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Traveling with your other half to Africa, strolling on the wild plains, enjoying the breath-taking starry sky would definitely be the most wondferful decision you made for your honeymoon option. Visit the world renowned Victoria Falls and hold your partner’s hand when you are crossing the bridge over the Falls, It’s THE moment that you will never forget. There are also some spectacular reserves that host large herds of impala, blue wildebeest, giraffe and buffalo as well as the world’s highest density of elephant.

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14 Days
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