Etosha offers an endless array of landscapes and adventure activities, from mountain biking over barely ridden trails to hot air ballooning over the breathtaking area.

The salt pans are the most noticeable geological features in the Etosha national park. As they span nearly a third of the entire park. These huge, shimmering expanses are littered with distant wildlife roaming for water.
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Though the pans cause difficulty for local farmers , they are a lifeline for the wildlife , as in the dry season, winds blowing across the salt pan pickup saline dust and carry it across the country and out over the southern Atlantic. This salt enrichment provides minerals to the soil of the pan on which some wildlife depend. From woodlands to desert plains, every landscape held within the reserve compliments the next.

The waterholes are a main attraction, since water is scarce an abundant amount of wildlife flock to each spot, where often there are encounters between predator and prey.

Some of the homely accommodations offered have floodlit waterholes mere steps from the comfort of your room, meaning you can take a load off and relax while still enjoying the best in game viewing. Each waterhole has its own unique personality and the animals that can be spotted at certain waterholes may vary, even from season to season.

If what you wish is to return to your roots, embrace your wild side and experience the best in African adventures, Etosha National Park is your kind of escape.

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