To picture Sun city, imagine something between Las Vegas and a Safari theme park. Every area has a host of unique activities, from a gigantic water park, to the largest permanent maze in the southern hemisphere, to safari Big-5 tours guided by master gametrackers. Sun City really has everything in one place.
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The city is located a mere two hours outside Johannesburg, and the journey makes for a spectacular countryside experience. Though driving is the usual option, the destination easily is accessible with a quick flight.

Accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. From 5-star luxury hotels and spas to your own private, extravagant unit away from the crowd.

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Set among 60 acres of remote South African wilderness, this sprawling complex built in the crater of an extinct volcano is a wonderland destination where opulence in the bush takes on new meaning. The jewel property in the Sun City resort, the Palace boasts interiors with hand-carved walls, bespoke furnishings and ceilings that depict a classic African landscape. Outside, the imitation sea and palm fringe beach, Valley of Waves, includes a 5,600-square-meter wave pool, waterslides, sway bridge and Botanical Garden trails. A sense of adventure prevails at the 18-hole Lost City Golf Course, which features a crocodile-filled pond. There is also a chance to see the Big Five on safari tours at the adjoining Pilanesberg National Park.

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