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On 6th April evening we hosted NatGeo cinematographer Brad Bestelink and Wilderness Safaris representative from Africa for a memorable sharing session. Over 35 keen traveler and nature lover attended and we had a wonderful night full of interaction and insights shared from Brad and ElementZ founder Sandor Weyers.

Our stories were covered by the Hong Kong Economic Times published on 12th April (in Chinese). Sandor explained why we focused on ecotourism based journeys HERE and read the Full Story HERE for Brad’s sharing.




保育措施固然重要,另一邊廂,鼓勵生態旅遊也同時能夠幫助波札那這樣的地區發展。旅遊社Elementz專門舉辦非洲生態旅行團,CEO及創辦人Sandor Weyers表示,冀望藉着生態旅遊讓當地社群有就業機會,「令當地人能賺錢過活,而不是接受賄賂,帶外地人去打獵。」同時,也可以讓當地人感受到自然環境的價值,從而學懂重視和欣賞。


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