ElementZ Travel welcomed by InvestHK

ElementZ Travel is honored to be welcomed by Invest Hong Kong, the government body that supports overseas and Mainland businesses to set up or expand in Hong Kong. The following is the press release in both English and Chinese.

Luxury African ecotourism travel company uses Hong Kong to expand its business in Asia

Luxury African ecotourism travel company, ElementZ Travel, announced today (March 7) that it has set up its regional headquarters in Hong Kong, leveraging the city’s attractive position as the gateway to the Mainland and the rest of Asia to expand its business in the region.

ElementZ Travel offers luxury ecotourism journeys and wildlife conservation experiences in Africa. Founder and CEO Mr Sandor Weyers is a South African who has great respect for wildlife.

He said that ElementZ Travel sets itself apart in terms of support for ecotourism and conservation. “For example, journeys are arranged in a way in order to minimise the impact to the environment and to ensure that local communities benefit,” he said.

On the choice of Hong Kong, Mr Weyers said, “We see an increasing demand coming from environmentally conscious high net worth individuals (HNWIs) across Asia, especially from Hong Kong and Mainland China who aspire for experiential travel experiences and journeys that ‘give back’. Hong Kong is close to the Mainland with unrivalled access to these HNWIs in the region.”

He added, “The ease of establishing a business and the business-friendly environment in Hong Kong adds another appeal for us to set up here.”

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion Dr Jimmy Chiang said, “Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle gives rise to a genuine demand for luxury travel. The opening of ElementZ Travel in Hong Kong opens up new choices of travel experiences to local and regional customers. We wish ElementZ Travel every success in Hong Kong and beyond.”

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非洲豪華生態旅遊公司ElementZ Travel今日(三月七日)宣布,在香港開設地區總部,利用香港位處內地門廊及亞洲中心的有利位置,拓展該公司在區內的業務。

ElementZ Travel專門安排非洲豪華生態旅遊,為客人提供野生保育體驗。創辦人及行政總裁魏聖德在南非土生土長,本身十分重視保護野生環境。

魏聖德指出,ElementZ Travel有別於其他旅行社,致力保護野生環境。他說:「例如,我們會細心安排觀賞團,為當地社群帶來裨益,並把人類對生態環境的影響減至最低。」



投資推廣署助理署長蔣學禮表示:「香港生活節奏急促,都市人喜歡以旅遊舒展身心,刺激豪華旅遊的需求。ElementZ Travel選擇在香港設立業務,為本地及亞洲區内顧客提供更多旅遊體驗的選擇。我們祝願ElementZ Travel在香港的業務蒸蒸日上,並把其業務發展至亞洲各地。」

elementz sandor
Luxury African ecotourism travel company, ElementZ Travel, announced today (March 7) that it has set up its regional headquarters in Hong Kong. Picture shows its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Sandor Weyers. 非洲豪華生態旅遊公司ElementZ Travel今日(三月七日)宣布,在香港開設地區總部。圖為該公司的創辦人及行政總裁魏聖德。

Read the original document on the InvestHK website – ENG version HERE / CHI version HERE

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