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ElementZ in Press – Esquire HK (September)

ElementZ is proud to be on press again. We curated an eco-conscious itinerary that combines elements of sustainable travel and luxury experience together. Starting in Cape Town, travelers could have a taste of all internationally famed restaurants that use sustainable seafood as ingredient. Travelers then head to Johannesburg and Kruger by a low carbon emission method –…

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An extraordinary birding experience in the Okavango Delta

The sweetness of Botswana’s air still lingers in my mind. My visit of Botswana’s Okavango Delta dated back to August 2016. This period is generally described as the dry season when the bush is low and game drive is most ideal. Perhaps its not the best time for birding yet I’m still able to enjoy a combination of both –…

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日期: 2018月3月8日至17日 (10 日7夜)




  • 探索第1000號世界自然遺產 – 博茨瓦納奧卡萬戈三角洲
  • 於三角洲內三個不同區域、以水(快艇及獨木舟)、陸(四驅車及徒步)、空(小型飛機)進行考察

walking safaris_low

  • 獨木舟(mokoro)為奧卡萬戈三角洲一個獨家體驗活動
  • 所有營地只能以小型飛機到達,參加者最少有4次乘坐小型飛機鳥瞰三角洲的機會


  • 到訪時間為夏季夏候鳥繁殖季節,雀鳥數量較冬季高出很多
  • 到訪時間為觀察斑馬集體遷徙的其中一個高峰期
  • 年初為野生動物產子的時間,較大機會觀察到幼子


是次行程專為觀察奧卡萬戈三角洲的夏季鳥類而設計,而且到訪時間正值為當地的Green Season,青黃相間的三角洲濕地提供不少特別的拍攝素材。



Pelo_2014-03-56 Xigera-2011-07-026 Linyanti-2011-07-008 MM_Savuti_Sep16_088


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ElementZ in Press – Ecotourism Of Africa

It is a honor to have recently contributed on the Hong Kong Discovery magazine, a well regarded eco-focused publication that is going to hit their #100. HKDL (http://platform.hkdiscovery.com/index.jsp) has been a keen supporter of promoting environmental education and awareness.

HKDL p66 eco-economicsHKDL p67 eco-economicsHKDL p68 eco-economics


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Testimonial of ElementZ Travel – Family Joy in South Africa

South Africa exhibits great hospitality and offers us a wide range of activities in which many are suitable for family traveling with youths. Led by South African CEO Sandor Weyers, our team in ElementZ understand well the essential elements of achieving a hassle-free family trip – trouble free and timed transferred between lodges,…

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Challenges facing rhino as a result of poaching

The facts and challenges

Of all the environmental threats facing Africa’s rhino, from habitat loss to political upheavals preventing proper conservation, it’s poaching that’s proved the most difficult to overcome. In fact, the problem of poaching on the continent is approaching catastrophic proportions, with startling, sobering statistics revealing the sheer extent of the illegal practice today….

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African wildlife : finding economy in the living, not the dead

From the dusty plains of Namibia to the fynbos scrublands of the South African Cape, the swaying grasses of the Serengeti to the mist-topped rainforests of the Congo, the wild lands of Africa have become firmly established as one of the world’s meccas for adventure, conservation and eco-tourism in recent decades….

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The new conservation: preservation and old conservationism combined

When conservation and preservation were separate

There was a time when the ecological community was deeply split when it came to ideas of environmental protection.

Some, like the founding chief of the American Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot, wanted to see mankind co-exist sustainably within nature….

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