Are you a born thrill seeker? The type to blaze their own trail, conquer the previously unconquerable and still stand begging for more? Then it’s safe to say that this is the travel style for you. Don’t let somebody else make the decisions while you merely look at the scenery from the back seat. Don’t just see the world, go out and meet it. Following a tour guide as they explain the “fascinating” history of some run-down building in a voice as bland as cardboard is not meeting the world, neither is going halfway around the planet to sit inside a spa very similar to the one up your road. The adventure travel style puts you right in the middle of everything, cycling through a wildlife reserve or unknown city leaves you with an intimate knowledge of the people, sights and smells. Visit the nooks and crannies that aren’t listed on a normal itinerary and blend in with the local lifestyle.

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Get your hands dirty. They can always be washed, there will always be a warm bath or cozy duvet waiting for you when you get home. Now is the time to get lost in the wild that we so often forget we originate from. Grow your roots into the soils of thick tropical forests , rest your head under the natural lighting of a thousand stars, climb to the peaks of mountains that like to pretend they are obstacles. This is the true way of Africa. Authentic living. The present may not be wrapped in a shiny silver ribbon, but its contents are far more precious.

We do real experiences. The heavy thud of your heart as you drive through open savannahs in complete darkness, getting up close and personal with bright-eyed predators and their unsuspecting prey. Hike through the ancient, giant cycads of Malolotja Nature Reserve, shoot down the rapids of the Zambezi River with the paddle in your hands, venture through the endless depths of the Cango Caves. Have the kind of experience that changes you. Choose the warmth of a conversation with a native stranger, the unexplored ground beneath your boot, the pleasure in perseverance. Choose adventure.

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