The food and drink of a country tell a story of its heritage and cultures. From country to country you will find rich diversity in flavours and styles, influenced by the locally grown food types, the mixed cultures and the personality of the place you’re visiting.

Wine is not just a drink, but a lifestyle constructed around sophistication and art. Every winemaker passionately adds their personal touch to every grapevine in their care, putting the utmost effort into creating the finest wines possible with subtle flavours and undertones.

This is no more true than within the rolling green hills of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek in South Africa. This area prides itself in its wines, with some of the world’s most sought after bottles sitting in their Cape Dutch cellars.

Enter these gorgeous towns as an amatuer wine taster and leave with the ability to pick out soft hints of red plum and tones of smoky oak. The cape Winelands are also known for their delectable cuisines, as a few restaurants battle to keep their reputations as some of the best in Africa. Get a true feel for the history of the country with meals inspired by a mixture of Dutch and African cultures and their secret recipes.

The National Parks and Game Reserves all across Southern Africa also offer unparalleled dishes and wines that perfectly suit the environment.

Visiting these areas will give you the real meaning behind the South African phrase – Local is Lekker.